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LeFu LF1700-D3 Semi-auto Warm and Cold Laminator

LeFu LF1700-D3 Semi-auto Warm and Cold Laminator

LF1700-D3 Semi-auto Hot and Cold Laminating Machine

Max Lamination Width: 1630mm/64''

Max Lamination Thickness: 23mm/0.9''

Speed: 8m/min

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Optimum performance

High quality silicon rollers for better applications

Adjustable settings for increased capacity and versatility

Fast processing speeds-up to 8m/min

Unique anti-tilt and anti-fold system ensures clear output

Hot & cold lamination


Ease of use

High release silicone rollers for easy cleaning

Simple film tension adjustment

Light weight drop-in supply shafts withauto-grip for easy loading

Roll to roll operation capacity



Do not use water to clean the machine in case of short circuit, electric shock or rust. In order not to hurt the rollers, please do not put any hard stuff on the machine. Check the chains and gears at a regular time, clean and lubricate.


The rollers are mine parts of the machine, damage of the rollers will affect the yields. Please rise the upper roller up after lamination, in case of the deformation of the lower roller under long time weight.



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