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LeFu LF1700-D4 Full-auto Warm Laminating and Cutting Machine

LeFu has always been guided by the market, the appearance of the LF1700-D4 laminating machine has been changed, the plastic shell design is stable and beautiful, and the cost performance is high. It focuses on serving 1~3 photo machine users.

In the context of the epidemic, even though the global sales are sluggish, LF1700-D4 laminator is still moving forward, the domestic and foreign sales are far ahead, the global market has 18,000 units, and it is still serving our customers!


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1. Smart System

D4 内页图1.jpg

Large-screen multi-column display, the operation is more intuitive and convenient.

The speed can be switched arbitrarily before and after, which is convenient for the fine-tuning function of rear cutting.

It is resistant to electrostatic shock, and automatically returns to the set startup speed when the lamination stops.


2. Three cutters are standard

D4 内页图2.jpg

It comes standard with three cutting knives, which can be manually cut vertically and can be cut by one person, and the finished product can be directly produced.


3. Fine-tuning and correcting device

D4 内页图3.jpg

During lamination cutting, the fine-tuning cutting device can be rotated for manual deviation correction, which can effectively avoid the problem of deviation of cutting.


4. Emergency stop switch

D4 内页图4.jpg

In case of emergency, pressing the red button can immediately cut off the internal power supply, the display screen will be off, and the rubber roller will stop rotating; rotating the red button clockwise will automatically rise, the internal power supply will be turned on again, the display screen will be on, and it will return to the default state of power-on.




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