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Lefu LF1700-D1 Pro Automatic Hot and Cold Roll Laminator

Lefu LF1700-D1 Pro Automatic Hot and Cold Roll Laminator. LF1700-D1 Pro is new product of Lefu Laminator. It uses air pressure to adjust vertical cutter up and down. There are 3 vertical cutters.

Lefu LF1700-D1 Pro Automatic Hot and Cold Roll Laminator.

Max Lamination Width: 1630mm/64''

Max Lamination Thickness: 28mm/1.1''

Speed: 18m/minute

Max Temp: 60°C/140°F (120°C/240°F Optional)

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Product features:

1. Focus on plastic shell design

Using the most classic color series, the overall body is beautiful and generous

2. Use pure silicone roller

The silicone roller weighs 45 kg, has a length of 1700mm and a diameter of 130 mm. The roller core is formed at one time, it is resistant to aging, non-adhesive, long service life and good elasticity.

3. Front and rear double aluminum alloy platform

Strong bearing capacity, high hardness, not easy to scratch, not easy to deform

4. The fuselage design is solid

Three beams are used as the support of the fuselage, and the beams above help protect the silicone roller and are not easy to be scratched

5. Solenoid valve lift switch

The advantage is that the switch is sensitive, more convenient, comfortable to operate, and not easy to damage.


Lefu works closely with customers and printer manufacturers to develop laminating solutions for the latest Lamination technology, gives us full control over quality flexibility with regard to design changes, customization and product improvement. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and quality is unsurpassed.






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