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About us

LeFu Laminator is a leading manufacturer of Automatic Laminator, Warm Laminator, Roll Laminator, Hot Laminator, Flatbed Laminator and thermal laminating films for graphics and building industries in China from 2006.

LeFu as new series model of our Company, adhering to be century brand when Mefu establishedinheriting” Seamless Connection" concept of our company service. "Seamless Connection' is to ensure pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale no difference transfer. Customers can be plain before pre-sale, peace during in-sale, and free of anxiety after-sale. LeFu series laminator establishes a network, telephone and exhibition and promotion agency sales system.

Years's experience of lamination technologies in the hardware and film, we have designed, developed, manufactured and sold to over 21600 users for over 41 countries(2013). Our brand new thermal films has much more better transparency, reduce glare and light refection compare to traditional Gloss and Matt Cold adhesive film even better.

Lefu works closely with customers and printer manufacturers to develop laminating solutions for the latest print technology, gives us full control over quality and greater flexibility with regard to design changes, customization and product improvement. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and quality is unsurpassed.

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